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Orange Crush (Planet Hollyweed) Sativa Strain Review

Planet Hollyweed - Orange Crush

Sativa dominant hybrid

Step 1: Breaking It Up

My sticky fingers struggle to reposition the orange crust fiery buds inside the slippery glass bowl. As I tear the strawberry bud flowers, an aromatic experience begins in sunny country fields and leads me through ripe farmlands. When I try to pen these thoughts, my writing utensil sticks to every inch of my index finger and defiantly mocks gravity.

Step 2: The expanse beyond..

My lungs immediately flex and quiver to the wake of the THC smokey expansion surfing through my lungs, and the “THC hiccups” begin to emanate and force my narrow field of vision to go black. As I drift deeper into the cushion, I wonder: am I the only one experiencing this Crushing Orange sensation right now?

I’m about to be ‘Gone In 60 seconds’ and clear my sticky lungs with a round of deep coughing, and a calming inner peace overtakes my anxiety and my stressors and worries meld away into complacency. An airy, uplifting expression crosses my stone-face, and my dreary eyes beam with hybrid vigor. Breathing becomes difficult as THC laden molarity increases within my lungs further. The Orange Crush’s sweet fruity flavor medley punches my taste buds with tropical notes, and I further wonder: will the Kool Aid dude pop through the trees, pointing and laughing at my sprawled and relaxed body?

Step 3: Relive relief

After 2-3 minutes, terpenes meld into peachy floral spiciness. The soothing effect blossoms into classical piano notes, enhancing every single composition on Spotify’s “Peaceful Piano” playlist, and as moments fleet past I can feel the solitude with the pianist in a lively crowded auditorium where everyone remains silent as a mouse. Even the hummingbirds can smell this sweet Orange crushing nectar!

Step 4: Critique

Pungent satisfying oak notes stimulate aromatic properties, and my breathing remains as irregular as my quivering heart rate, in anticipation of the next puff.

My bottom line:

The arrogant presumptuous terp profile of p.Hollyweed’s one-hit-wonder, Orange Crush requires a refreshing dose of H2O to wash down my ignorant bliss. The strain’s unique exotic flavors and energetic hybrid effects are continually welcome to me, and my mind temple overflows with supplemental creative energy! It alleviates symptoms of nausea, migraines, anxiety. The cure of Planet Hollyweed products is once again supported with trichome coughing, and not the harsh gagging that accompanies improperly flushed buds that float around on the cannabis black market today. This semi-leafy strain is a crop duster, and it’s entrancing flavors and effects keep users determined to reach that frosty white ending! I’m going to end this review now, and 2/3 of the bowl is STILL GREEN and I am imagining little alliance jumping out to greet me! I’m a bud-ninja and my zombie homies can’t catch me, as my lung shield protects me.


Further inspection of this idealistically chunky spear of atomic orange and paled green space bud reveals that other lifeforms may use its almost-overwhelming potency to cripple their zombie foe’s desire of opposition. Once again, the zombie force is with us, and the canna-verse melds into a peaceful diverse and accepting eternity.

The Canna Top 10 Commandments:

  1. do not crush the orange crush

  2. finish what you start!

  3. remember: where did I park?

  4. eat your daily greens

  5. staring for more than 30 seconds is a crime, punishable by stoning

  6. h2o is vital to interplanetary cannabis travel

  7. when things go black, please remain seated, until the time warp clears your mental meteor showers

  8. crush[Orange]+fire[Orange]==Crush(Fire){Orange}

  9. —smoke break…

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