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OG.Life 420 Facilities and Sales Position

If you or someone you know grows cannabis collectively, or has a significant supply of cannabis wholesale products available for sharing, and are interested in using our 420 network of growers to advertise your products, please join our sales team immediately and begin reaping the organizational benefits of OG.Life wholesale, mass advertising, and scheduling logistics.

We recently rebuilt OG.Life from the bottom up! Primarily, we refocused our vision of integrity and configured the website functionality to enforce that all facilities and their products remain as a single order. This development was absolutely mandatory for reducing problems that occur during packaging, leading to strain mixup. This separation will effectively reduce order delivery lag to a minimum. We added more delivery drivers and areas, extending our coverage area. Eliminating onsite storage of inventory immediately solved quality control logistics errors that were reportedly causing uneccessary strain mixup, scheduling complaints, rip off reports, and chargebacks in the past. Ordering from one specific facility at a time allows individual facilities to control their own demand, advertising, and sales and all this at the same time supplying massive volume throughout our United States bloodline.

Please apply to this position if you or someone you know would benefit through sales or distribution.

WHAT IS YOUR: 1) Name & Phone Number 2) Product and Strain Roster 3) Capacity 4) Availability 5) MMJ Status


Nikki (909) Sevn42zero040

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