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B and Mr Z review: Cherry Slymer OG @FTEOC

Of all the painted trees, the views from these deciduous crumbly THC treetops are most spectacular.

After puffing through the Mammoth trees, a whispering taunt grips my inner being with patient complacency, and desires of the “Brain Food” Spotify channel. After quickly tuning in, spotting these cropdusted trichomes is easy amongst the THC clumped sugar loafs of the Cherry Slimer OG nug run extract from Raw Garden. The environmentally friendly distribution champ, From The Earth dispensary in Santa Ana, selectively mates pleasure and efficiency in an attempt to outdo themselves. With nothing slimey about these heavenly sugar chunks, the Raw Garden concentrate producers have chunkily outdone themselves again. Entranced within my mind, a symphonic orchestration of caramel colors, and pure lung-drenching smoke smoothly delivers panoramic expressions of cannafreedom.

With a newly staged zombie scene in play, Kumbucha caresses my core as the psilocybin again slides down my throat, and rises up to my cortex quickly in waves surrounding me with inner peace and belonging to this moment. As I snap back to reality… every single puff leaves more to be desired from this cherry-hinted sugar of solventless sex wax. After a short delay in my 86,400-second-day, I begin to caress away the residue on my fringed glass wand until only a beautiful neon-yellow non-toxic nuclear glow remains.

As blob turns to glob, the next dab practically leaps onto my dabbing utensil! Aghast and momentarily astounded again, an emblazoned desire creeps through my tongue, coats it with THC laden saliva, and permeates my brain with eager anticipation. The next speckle of golden THC syrup taunts me with pleasure and now I am quite certain my zombie buddy has turned against me with lusty green anticipation. Mr Zombie Bud’s gaze sticks heavily affixed upon my next dabble session. This worries me slightly. Well, zombie friend, I continue in this dedicated analysis with an open mind, equipped to process of flavors, with or without you.

Like Noisia, I question everything. In this wonderful 420 world, could bud taste testing eventually become a career? If so, would Mr Zombie Bud challenge other zombies to the title of Zombie THC Bud Champ? As the hint of cherry after-puff briefly fades, a new puff vaporizes me with nothing new. The presence of cherry subsides, and a relaxing haze funnels my muscles into an oozing lull, and I close the lid.


You may return to earth now, zombies.


BTW zombies, we recently mongered the following domains:







If anyone needs them, please let us know.

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