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THCa vs Tourette’s Syndrome & CBD vs Pain Management

GoogleWeed article 4-17-17

THCa vs Tourette’s Syndrome & CBD vs Pain Management

Hello 420 buds!

I have been very hesitant to carry any products in the past that specifically relate to high-CBD requests because a lot of the products that I've come across (hemp-based) have seriously mixed reviews with patients in dire need. Every body and mind is different and that causes confusion regarding the issue of CBD versus X disease or Y syndrome. For this reason at this point in time I can only speak for myself, and the personal effects that I've achieved using cannabis marijuana and marijuana-derived CBD for alleviation of my symptoms related to Tourette's syndrome, ADHD, and recurring pain from a facial maximillion surgery.

As an adolescent (ages 10-16), I was officially diagnosed by Kaiser as susceptible to Tourette's syndrome, A psychological disorder causing annoying tics and uncontrollable habits. For years they attempted to treat my "conditions" with Wellbutrin, Risperidal, and other anti-convulsants. At the age of 16 I dropped all the Kaiser Permanente recommendations, sold the bullshit pills on the street, and bought a fat sack of weed, never to turn back! Right or wrong, here I am today, discussing the issue with 420 patients everywhere. I have been self-medicating with cannabis Indica's and Sativa's ever since, and seriously doubt that I ever missed a day. Now I help moderate UPS420 distribution of clones, seeds, edibles, and our most recent addition is CBD products.

When it comes to CBD there are essentially two very different categories:

  1. Hemp best CBD oil's and isolates

  2. THC based CBD oil's and isolates

The only products I will carry on our site have been derived from cannabis isolates and NOT hemp, as I have had inconsistent results with hemp-based CBD products that are currently being sold legally everywhere.

After my mild facial reconstructive surgery, Kaiser Permanente jacked me up for almost a year on a powerful concoction of 15, 30, and 60 mg morphine (MS Contin) PLUS 10mg Norco (Vicodin), 3x a day or "as needed"... That is quite a lot of pills and insurance money.

Unfortunately I have to say it is my opinion that when something has become "illegal" in the cannabis space, it's usually because there are serious implications and direct consequences affecting the pharmaceutical industry and the tax money they accrue on behalf of the United States government. For this reason I understand why hemp-based products currently drown the marketplace with high hopes and expectations, and furthermore why the US government is allowing it.

For all the pharmaceutical companies out there, this article is for you. For all of the patients in serious dire need of true CBD effectiveness, these 420 products are for you.

My personal review of the cannabis-derived CBD lotion begins with my pain. I am a 250lb 6' heavyset guy, mainly unhealthy as a result of countless hours behind a computer screen. I try to maintain a 30 minute workout session every night, and when I do I use the CBD lotion to alleviate natural pains. As a result of an accident years back, I have medically inserted pins and plate holding the left side of my face together as part of a facial maximilla surgery. I use CBD lotion to alleviate nightly pains in conjunction with mild cannabis bud vaporization. I consume approximately 1/2 g to 1 g of marijuana flower smoke per day, and I vaporize in the morning and smoke bud at night. This combination gives me the most psychoactive effects during the day and the most relaxing effects at night. Are use the CBD lotion to alleviate any pains and I have personally noticed unequivocal results: The CBD lotion removes most mild to moderate pain within 60 seconds, and helps to alleviate severe pain within 30 minutes.

Thank you for participating in the future of cannabis research and supporting development of medical research.

Peace out, 420 buds.

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