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How to correctly amend your pH values

GoogleWeed article 4-15-17

PH it!

How to correctly amend your pH values

For cannabis, correct pH values are uniquely important and correspond directly to the plants nutritional bell curve. When growing marijuana, the cannabis plant thrives at a pH between 5.5-6.5 and different mediums affect pH retention over time, which causes a lot of confusion generally. Each plant's nutritional bell curve documents the cellular uptake ratios of different elements (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, etc.), and pH values become ideal once they match your plants unique needs. Further compounding the confusion is the issue that the curve can shift slightly amongst different breeds, sizes, and phenotypes of the cannabis marijuana plant spectrum and because of this shifting, it should be assumed that pH values must be isolated during testing, so that correct feedback is obtained.

Generally, when testing pH acceptance of your cannabis plants, the grower decides to work on a particular strain, one strain at a time. Many growers have the initial inclination to attempt growing many strains at a time. This feat is achieved best over time, with considerable testing of each strain of cannabis and a general understanding of how to correct common cannabis ailments.

The pH testing can be done in many different fashions, however we recommend one of the best which is the electronic pH probe. In our studies we have concluded that the Bluelab pH equipment is superior to many of the other products, and can offer assurance that their equipment is generally reliable. Since I specifically mentioned Bluelab in this article, I would like to clarify that the device we use regularly is not the cheaper pen-style and rather the brain with the 4' extended detachable submersible probe. Inconsistent readings usually indicate that the device is malfunctioning. For instance, if a pH tester skips around more than a couple points in either direction it should be examined for cleanliness and correctness. With cannabis, pH fluctuations can cause serious damage and slow plant growth dramatically. This is why we recommend using accurate reliable equipment right from the beginning. If you have a choice and money is no object use multiple devices for enhanced redundancy. It is generally true that two heads are better than one!

Since your pH meter functions by passing a mild electric current through the semi-permeable membrane of a living organism and measuring the resulting electron loss, keeping your pH equipment alive is a necessity. This means that storage of your equipment should be your primary goal once you open that box! It would be a shame to purchase a high-end electronic device and use it improperly, as this will no doubt affect the overall longevity, and ultimately hurt your cannabis crop. Once your device begins to fail only an experienced grower usually understands the process and initial warning signs. Reduce the chances of failure by incorporating the redundancy of having multiple pH devices in your grow room.

Once you have selected ideal pH equipment you can begin mixing your nutrient solution. This is best done one chemical at a time. It is extremely important that you mix each chemical with water in an aqueous fashion, using the water to dilute your mix. Mixing chemicals into water should absolutely be performed one chemical at a time, since this causes the least unwanted chemical reactions. Do not pour all the chemicals together into a bucket and add water at the end! Do not create a bucket of water and add all chemicals at the same time and then stir! You should take enough time to mix each chemical thoroughly before moving on to the next chemical, or you will create unnecessary chemical bonds that will affect plant growth. Take into careful consideration: why do nutrient manufacturers separate the Part A from the Part B? It is for this exact reason!

When using acid or base to hydroponically control your nutrient solution pH, attempt to only use one or the other. Do not overexaggerate use of either, because this will cause you to mix acid and base in the same nutrient solution, causing undesirable long term effects. There is one main undesirable effect that always occurs when you use acid and base together to balance pH, and this is that your solution becomes permanently less stable. The most noticeable result of this instability will be more frequent fluctuations. Always attempt to use only the proper amount of either acid or base to achieve your pH level, as this will eliminate the issue altogether. Also for this reason you must always pH your solution as the last step.

  1. Thoroughly mix each chemical by diluting into water and stirring individually

  2. Moderate pH value

  3. Test electrical conductivity and oxidation

Once you have achieved cannabis pH paradise, remember to regularly test your aqueous environment. Forgetting to do this can cause errors regularly, and pH swings will damage a healthy root zone.

House and Garden Osmosis Control creates a pH stabilized solution by adding 7 to 10 days of stability to the average mix.

Peace out buds.

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