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My PAX 2 Vaporizer DOMINATES dry herb!

My PAX 2 vaporizer has lasted me almost 3 years, and has DOMINATED my personal use collection since it’s wonderful inception into my life. I am writing this article to illuminate 420 friends’ hope in a dry herb device that 100% enhanced my daily cannabis use and simplified my complex life, and hopefully this review helps people understand cannabis better.

Meticulously delicate machining mated with excellent QC leave NO WORRIES in the life of the PAX 2 dry herb vaporizer. Ideal qualities like functional temperature settings, accident-proof on/off button, and auto-idle-off help yield a simple and effective solution to the digital dry herb vaporization market.

With electronics, frequently things can break down, especially with moving parts or heating and cooling components. Although I have not yet tried the new PAX 3 systems that have been developed in the last several years, I was very inspired to review the PAX 2 system that I've relied on so much for the last bit of time for my own health and sanity.

Build Quality

This pen-shaped, palm-sized electronic device is phenomenal in every way, shape, and form, and especially that it feels sleek and complements sensationally with my iPhone in the other hand. The brushed silver Apple-centric, ergonomic PAX 2 platform is easy to touch and hold, and it is also functional in one hand entirely, leaving the operator free to use their other hand for something else equally important in life. The magnetic lid keeps the heating element perfectly encapsulated and does not usually accidentally come apart, however I have had one or two isolated incidents over the years where the bud has come out while device is in my pocket. Moreover, because the PAX is pocket-portable and capable of releasing different levels of THC output at various temperature settings, I would hope that in the more recent modern releases of this product extra emphasis will be fabricated into the design so that the magnetic lid fixation is strengthened slightly.


As this product is a dry herb vaporizer, I always vaporize with high-quality 30%+ THC cannabis bud. I use a grinder to create a uniform texture for the device heating element to penetrate thoroughly, and I never pack the container too tightly. This method allows the device to be reused four to five times at various temperature levels before absolutely needing to change the depleted smokable material inside. When you empty out the vaporized flowers they are a dark mulch with a murky green appearance little resembling little of the shiny frosty beginning trichomes they once were, and seeing the remains is a pleasant reminder that I was KIND to my lungs! When turning on the device simply select your heat setting with the one-click-function, wait 30 seconds for the device to heat up, and begin vaporization immediately. At low temperatures, the smooth inhalation effect leaves the user without lung trauma or coughing and a very pleasurable creative euphoric long lasting sensation. At higher temperatures, the user will experience exponentially increasing couch-lock effects, relative to the thermal setting. The PAX 2 device consumes a fair amount of pre-kiefed and grinded bud, but considering you can reuse the device all day as medication demands occur, the amount of THC extracted does seem appropriate to the number of potential uses from each “bowl.” The vaporization effect in general is not similar to smoking a bowl, and in fact the effect is very much different, as temperature variations become the main contributing factor relative to the desired effect: Indica couch-lock calm sedated @ High Temp vs Hybrid playful exotic erotic @ Medium Temps vs Sativa creative inspirational spiritual @ Low Temp.

Electronic Charging

The PAX 2 charging system is technologically sound, utilizing cutting-edge magnetic charging connectors and eliminating defective antiquated plug-style connecting methodology! This is honestly a God-send. The magnetic conductive charging tech is one of the most fundamental advancements afforded to this device. Battery charges are short and sweet, and the device holds a charge all day, or for multiple days in my case. The tech-y side of my mind cringes hopelessly, as I wish there was a digital output option to connect my PAX 2 device to the PC and download log sheets. I am literally amazed that the sleek battery design continues to hold a charge as new after thousands of repeated cycles. No expense was spared in the PAX electronic charging system.

Not all users will be enthralled with the devices' simple functionality and useful positivity, however I can say for myself: I fell in love at first sight!

Heat settings and medicinal bell curve:

1) Indica couch-lock calm sedated @ High Temp 2-3) Hybrid playful exotic erotic @ Medium Temps

4) Sativa creative inspirational spiritual @ Low Temp.

Beginning with the lowest thermal factor, and increasing as effects wear off felt like the most natural way to use this PAX 2 Vaporization device.

Also I now see that there are SKINS for the Pax 2 vaporizer model that I have to protect it from scratches, even though it has been mainly resilient to physical damage.

Humbly written for the 420 people of the great US of A,

Brendon Kennedy


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