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Strawberry Kush (CubanGrowers) 11x Award Winning Hash review

Strawberry Kush

CubanGrower’s 11x Award Winning Hash

“1st Pull 119u-73u WPFF”

As the THC pounds through my flushed facial muscles relieving all ailments and coursing my eyes shut, my momentum is haunted.

Another heavy hit has left my mind flooded with oxygen, and my blurring vision begins to fade. Lifeless in this fleeting moment, I regain posture quickly and remember to keep breathing. As subconscious breaks away into the tormented normal train of thought, the rails in my mind lead us astray, along the beaten psytrance coiling iron frame, into the deepest abyss of pleasurable peaceful resilience with the energies around me.

I can feel the potent heat and sticky THC globs work their way through my lung membranes, quickly soothing my inner core with radiant warm energy, creeping its way along my extremities.

The next dab is lined up like a loosed patch of snow resting atop crusted ice walls, peaked to topple over onto this glowing quartz nail. As i wait for the nail to slightly cool, i sip some water and dab away most of my empty lung capacity. Thank you cannabis…

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