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Miss USA (DNA Genetics) Extra Virgin Rosin Baroni from 1130 Artisan's


This unyielding dab destroys my boot camp lungs, penetrating my mind with it’s burning expectorant passion to release, to get loose, and then to recover. As I cough out all hope of standing firm against this Miss USA blast, I slough back into my wicker chair remembering things that could be, that should be, that will hopefully be done today.

A time lapse occurs, briefly reminding me of yet only moments ago, like a 420 deja vu. The inspirational effects of this cannabis strain are concisely amazing, providing an upgraded mirror image of myself and reflecting back my sober, clutter-brained, attention deficit disfunctions. This reflection rapidly decomposes into a mental acuity that perfectly engages my racing subconsciousness clutch braced with perfect flushness against my organizational transmission gearing, and I begin to write.

The way this extraction sits beautifully inside the 1130 Artisan’s glass bottom container allows its captivated audience ideal visibility of its’ unique up close resemblance to nuclear yellowcake. It’s delicious minuscule crystalline bunches are quite appealing, from the very first glance to complete dissipation atop this blistering quartz nail.

Strain Information:

Suggested name - MISS USA

Breeder - DNA Genetics

Grower/Extractor - 1130 Artisans

Dispensary Provider - From The Earth, Santa Ana, CA

Date Acquired - 9/15/16

Date Sampled - 9/16/16

Misc Labeling Information - “Extra Virgin Rosin”, “Baroni”

Initial flavor notes:

oats, botanical

Follow thru flavors:

Purely crisp OG flavors with subtle sweet earth underlying tones. Lingering campfire taste of aluminum metal at the end of each puff.

BHO content: very minimal. enjoyable taste and effect with no residual crossfade from BHO

The clutching of lungs from this hybrid OG bring me to my knees everytime, with gracious satisfaction of every dime.

@ GoOgleWeed.com

inherently pure.

genetically secure.

excellent distribution.


As the lights go out, fingers gliding across the keys becomes blurry and this dab really breaks beads of sweat on my brow. As I feel the drift pulling my chest deeper, bending to the will of gravity, the keys betwixt my fingers vibrate with resolution.

A deep intensified peaceful bliss hits me pausing my panic of anticipation, and even my dog looks up at me in longing bewilderment as I prepare another zone off of the dab nail. Even the smallest 1mm glob of Baroni’s Extra Virgin Rosin is usually enough to hammer submission into my mindset, but as my furry brindle colored best friend and I gaze longingly at this peanut buttery goodness, I am certain we are thinking the same thing. This Pure Kong Kush extraction riddles my innocent lung capacity with a tyranny of THC and I grin with eyes slammed shut. I feel my THC laden lungs dowsed with stickiness and I try to gurgle and swallow it down, but it just lingers. I now understand how the dog feels in the peanut butter commercial, repeatedly trying to lick the peanut butter dryness away. The potency and terpene content in this Baroni masterpiece alludes to much more expensive even the littlest dab crosses the boundary into ridiculous as i do my best to hold it in like a lion pins a rabbit to the grass. The taste is sublime and effect hits instantly, and i feel fully peaked within 60 seconds, blurry eyes, tilted head, still struggling to draw air without coughing. when i feel the fire inside my lungs expand it makes me draw fresh insight into the taxation system being imposed upon california and in fact the entire united states. this “system” is predefined in nature to allow only powers that be to control the canna-pharma industry. Kicking out the small growers and sending the daily takers to state approved facilities encourages greed.

Remember one thing, and remember it well: I have been cutting clones and outputting big brother for the last decade, and during that time big brother has encouraged a black market, and directly leading to fellow grower friend deaths, robberies, and otherwise scandalous activities.

the destruction of another dab momentarily challenges my ability to breathe, and as i sit gasping for air, i recall the feeling of falling backwards, having all the air ground pounded out my chest, and i remember the same feeling of muscular disfunction. This is a natural feeling, and I’m glad for the momentary deja vu.

dab three reminds me that your structured taxation of cannabis is unconstitutional in every way, and as long as it cures medicinal ailments it should be available tax exempt as a non-profit medicinal product. Growers should unite and grow at home, as much as possible, as well as possible, and as quickly as possible.

One pixel on my glowing yellow dab tool lingers, awaiting its smokey transmutation at the end of this danger orange quartz nail. as two polar entities collide, a precisely

slurping the pale smokey through my heavily filtered glass artwork gives a blast of energy. Its 4:20, and that means its time for the post office!


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