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GSC vs So Cal Edison!

The potential energy used in my cannabis grow ops alone over the last decade paid Edison roughly $1,000,000, which could have been used instead to feed 50,000 people.

Let’s smoke on that.

A sea salty, chocolatey flavor tickles my taste buds as the purest form of a purple spotted cookie imaginable illuminates the space inside my Z(ong). As the Girl Scout Cookie particles collide with oxygen atoms, my lungs are totally glued together with the intensity it takes a polar bear to catch a seal, yet the heavy body effect is best described as swimming flipper to fin side by side with these beautiful exotic ocean creatures.

After clearing my palette with a lemony fresh blend of Pete’s Coffee Reserve Costa Rica Tarrazu, I’m back to normal reserve ready to flush this greenery down my bowl. I notice the upwards clockwise spin of the smoke through my Z(ong), and am surprised that it always takes the same path of least resistance most evident by the directional spiraling pattern. My mind burns green with wonderings of why.

This small bowl has 80% burned when I decide the craving for more cookies has overwhelmed my urgency for preservation, and I spark up the last of this session in one fell swoop. Most obviously the perfect cure has left me with hopes, dreams, and a pristine white flavorful ash, and I attempt to pull blood out of this rock hard crystalline nugget once more.

My muscles relax with Soma determination, and I disappear deeply into this manmade Ikea furniture realizing all the things I could do without, and all things I could do within, and realizing that all things obtained will eventually fade away back into their basic plastic elemental composition, or even potential anti-matter. This determination focuses my cranial energy on the crisis’ of global warming, starvation, and terrorism and I inarticulately leverage several issues resounding in this old THC enlightened think tank.

Is it possible that global warming could be solved with openminded regulation in the nuclear privatization sector?

Because I know firsthand how well the US government will squash non-taxable ideas (cannabis, hemp, even tea), I theorize so. In fact, during the 1960s the US government funded research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory into the exact same concept of nuclear possibility, and after completing stable prototypes of molten-salt-fueled nuclear reactors that inherently could not melt down, President Nixon canned the project alongside a Senator with dirty gold lined pockets from corporate California beneficiaries.

One issue that seems counter productive to our modern society is the lack of general education requirements at a collegiate level for information regarding emerging safe nuclear energy technology, especially as kinetic energy is relative to all industrial advancement in all countries. I am considering the perks arising from implementation of a privatized nuclear energy based on Molten Salt reactor tech advancements, and am also considering the potential drawbacks to greedy power companies, fuel companies, and political powers that be if this money is taken off the table.

Our goal as a society should be first: empower ourselves, and then empower our government, and then empower other strategic countries.

The quandry is this: Current processes of fast breeder reactors yield unnecessary spent radioactive material that takes 1000 times longer to decompose, than molten salt waste material. Not only this, but every aspect of LFTR futuristic reactors have further reaching potential than the current power grid system.

The Oak Ridge project was closed quickly after almost a decade of successful research, working prototypes, and no failure catastrophe potential. Blatantly ignoring this type of energy technology has been a daunting subject for scientists, and always ends at a single common interested party: politics.

Some nuclear waste can be repurposed as weaponry, and proliferation deterrence has become a major concern, which yields an even more important debate: productivity vs proliferation.

And now, the cookies are starting to wear off.

The break apart: Girl Scout Cookies breaks apart forcefully with trichomes popping off the flower like fireworks on the fourth. This is quite possibly the most patriotic pot, and colors of red, white, and green are on another level.

The toke: As I close my eyes and burn this flower evenly, fields of daisies swarm from mind to soul bringing with them quick absorption and wistful energy. A State of Trance illuminates my path as I yearn closer to understanding these quandaries within this $229 Ikea swivel chair. Was it worth it?

Was the catastrophic damage of so many regularly predictable nuclear fast reactor meltdowns covered up by the primal greed of our American government, and most importantly:

Which Presidential candidate has the right ideas about our worldwide, unstoppable emerging nuclear footprint?

As it stands, whoever we chose to elect in 2016 will undoubtedly ponder issues such as thorium powered cars, antimatter firearms, and nuclear powered medication farms.

I for one, remain curious.

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