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Yes THC: She Devil OG @FTEOC

I lift my teetotal zong sacrifice to the lung heavens, and toke She Devil OG until my eyes water.

I feel the THC enter every connected blood vessel and enter the black heart of this throbbing toothache and subduing it resolves my anxiety naturally.

These doubtful lungs have fully dissipated this THC smoke induction and the torrential relief of this next hits fullness forces my tongue gagging backwards into my lungs as I cough out my very soul for this blatantly temporary relief.


Drifting wearily through the desert quarry maze of writhing pain, the relief at best comes in short interval waves.

Glorious flower bud has appeased my most recent ailment of bitter attacks. The entirely consumable She Devil flower bud from OC delivery specialists BUDMAN OC is the heavyweight contender finally to have knocked down some serious root canal worthy pain, laying waste to the consistent throbbing of my latent THC tolerance. Mine is a certifiable toothache, doorknob-knot-surgery-ready, and I’m also ready to experience the pleasurable release of yet another hillbilly root canal!

Instead of tying my tooth to a nearby door using triple braided heavy duty Glide floss, I pack another toke and hit play. 420 and chill. But wait there was already a solid puff of half char left in the song from the previous 420 session so I rip it down and even though it relentlessly resists, in the end I bask in the downtrodden smoothness of this gray She Devil left over material. Thank you Mr Anonymous Grower, whomever you are that contributed this strain to the 420 existence and society should be rewarded.

Well we can assume it is so, or you can doubt me as I most often will find myself, but regardless it is Sunday at 9:56pm and googleWeed.com has 420 uptime on Kali Linux #backupbox.

No finally this indica effect has the pain retreating into dullified clouds of exhale purity.

I just keep adding little 420 crumbles to the bowl, as fluidity meets potency in this high times worthy puffabble pile of THC. We have a serious winner in the cannabis vs marijuana vs thc experiment in my good mythical 420 zong.

Thanks for the serious uptime everyone that follows, will one day follow, and just began following this She Devil 420 content and we hope everyone supports open source agreements to keep the community fresh.

Double vision,

Striking my face devine,

Reconsidering, swaying my mind.

The pine scent and mint olive skittles taste overwhelms vs aftertaste tahoe smoothness.

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