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She Devil OG vs Bare OG (OC Budman delivery vs From the Earth dispensary)

A deep searing pain tickles my sense of deja vu, as I inflict this final destination with piercing flame into the heart of my best bud in the whole wide world. She quivers unyieldingly, and her whole expression changes as she expands in these final breaths and finally clenching and vaporizing as a vampire yields to sunlight.

the smoky circles spiral in front of my face, pushed around in a counter-clockwise vertical elliptical arc reaching towards the ceiling before aromatic dissolution. the smoky reminder of this old friendly buds while its inhale hits hard of coffee bean flavor and vanilla nutmeg mint after smoke residual tastes begin to develop and turn my mental acuity inwards on my cosmic misfortune. I am standing in a puddle, and the torrentuous rain has subsided leaving my blended cashmere wool overcoat bloated with pride. my infectious pricking skin has spread since last night,

Her inner belly hasn’t been cleaned in forever and a year, as it seems this worthy resting ground of millions of THC molecules have met their match here. Another is about to meet its maker now, and will soon be reunited with her THC sisterhood.

The most voluptuous curves meet my tongue with a dangerously sticky delicious popcorn. Eating a piece of the tip of my next zongalisious snack is decadent and totally unoffensive. Of all the thousands of buds I’ve personally eaten through my years, this is probably one of the most pleasurable, up there with alaskan thunder fuck. I said up there, and simply nothing has ever surpassed the ATF of ye ole dais, IMHO.

When OS X spellcheck is stumped and siri watches her code proven wrong, she stops monitoring the mal-spelling of these fictional lyrical words, only as real as puff the magic dragon.

Snacking on my She Devil bud lips purses my mind in anticipation for the upcoming zong-song. I refill my Rainforest cafe 9.5pH water, and lets begin.

Immediately Fear the Walking Dead becomes safer than my fingers while THC flies unidirectionally like casings in this gunfight. My mouth is burning with the buttery canna butter-flavor this barely She Devil bud.

as spark emits desire and botanical expansions result in three isolated humble coughs, my eyes shut and these keys fade away.

From The Earth BARE OG (indica) vs OC BudMan SHE DEVIL OG (indica), the battle rages on into the next round of peppery pistachio tanginess and my nostrils reek of THC laden muskiness to the core.

Breaking into the bare og yields a highly pleasurable breakaway structure of the flowers, peeling off into a potent blissful perfectly aerated bud that burns as a whole and for me, fit precisely smaller than the rim of my narrow bowl. Toasted full trichs in the main round and even toasted the ashey mediocre leftovers, leaving me blasted yet prepared for an impending double take. flavor longevity is obviously overwhelmed by the overly consuming couch warp effects. ok so on the double take we break apart the nugs, revealing further the buds’ inner heart and soulful potent OG aromas dance thru my nostrils, thru my synaptic cognitive, and back thru my eyelids as the burn and flutter in drowse. I load a miniscuple .1 and proceed to blast off, typing with sticky finger leaves me vulnerable to intelligence swipe attempts on my keystroke hotspots and my passwords may need to be secured as of yesterday, so i proceed to dabble into this potent flower.

Quality: Extreme potency, show quality

Bag appeal: Excellent, breaks apart with force into equally appealing segments.

Taste profile: musky, strong, intense, bold, peppery, kushy, peppermint

Price: Absolutely Justified.

Longevity: Above ave (1-2+Hrs/small dose)

Excellent purity, no residual nute lockouts

The only factor here that could possibly sway my opinion one way or the other: price, and yet I would rather smoke another bowl than flap my lips about that factor alone!

Bud is always timeless.

Bud is sometimes priceless.

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