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Super Lemon Haze vs 1130 Artisans

I place this review at the top of this grain of sand, whatever that means… So all you 420 snouts can get back to sipping that Tito’s {Oi Ocha} Green Tea while I try to best sum up the weekly dual smashup BHO extracts from 1130 Artisans (420 x 710), #SuperLemonHaze

The Source: My current fave OC spot for everything THC bringing the highest quality extracts from all over the place, ‘From The Earth.’ Aside from my opinion of these tested products, From The Earth remains a #bigfish in the little pond of successful 420 Santa Ana establishments. Peace on Earth, goodwill 4 sure to them for making this review possible.

Initial Effects/Taste: clear mind, energetic, hazey, sweet and sour skunk, positivity, enlightenment.

Effects of BHO: fidgety, trembling hands, inferior reflexes. Dull. Anxiety. At high doses, severely extended periods of shortness of breath. Spacial mental distance between my face and hands usually isn’t a noticeable subconscious reflex, but I feel it now.

This dry-butter paste Super Lemon Haze extract gives me an uneasy sedation and although the medication has substantial sativa influence and characteristics, the bloatware popups occurring from even-the-best BHO purge effect everyone differently. Some people may enjoy the dilated pupil combination advertised to me as “sativa,” however I feel some will haphazardly and subconsciously mistake this “butane effect” as THC. I feel in no way does butane yield an adequate substitution of the common effect reminiscent of the indica-heavy cannabinoid effects normally experienced with very intoxicating indica couch lock effects. I feel the uneasy bake blend together after a short period of about 45 mins. Bodily subtle hallucinations of wavy lungs and chest “soma effect” mainly occur to me only when a substantial amount of BHO is present, as occurred to me about 15 minutes into the bake.

Flavor: Absolutely 100% Super Lemon Haze. Then, subtly (<3%) BHO, IMHO.

Overall, I feel this rendition should not be released as BHO extract in this quality, as I feel adverse effects from the butane within, and that will always dissuade me from continual use.

When I have friends ask for dabs, this would be the one to make them ‘sit down,’ and I really hoped for a clean “stand up” effect. Price should not dictate quantity, when harmful powdery mildew spores, toxic pesticides, and poisonous butane subpar oxidation has tainted the product enough to need a discount. Not everything is about money these days, and with cancer steady in 2016, the population really needs to be wary of BHO bodily intake.

Color: Lovely, lively off-yellow beige

Consistency: pasty, solid, stable, dusty

Dab-ability: 100%

Flav-duration: 5 mins

Effect-duration: >60 mins

Price: upper-Medium range

Date: 9/4/16

Score: 47 / 100

Lab: No way.

To sum up, the Tito’s {Oi Ocha} Green Tea was delicious and very much assisted this review progress in my opinion… Would mix for friends. Thank you to all who helped participate in this review, whether they were specifically named or not.

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