Greenhouse: 120'x30' Light Dep > Fully Loaded!

Greenhouse: 120'x30' Light Dep > Fully Loaded!

$59,999.00 Regular Price
$49,999.00Sale Price

Automated Light Deprivation 3,600 Sq-Ft Greenhouses

  • Extra-tall design provides improved ventilation and additional overhead space.
  • Fully automated light deprivation systems improve crop quality and minimizes labor.


Blackout System

Maximize your cannabis business potential by automatically controlling light cycles and deciding how many harvests per year!

Our automated 30' by 120' Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouse starts at $100,000 including accessories, fans, wet wall, and heating units controllers.
Lower labor costs with fully automated light deprivation systems allow the greenhouse hands to maintain plants with more precision and spend less effort dealing with lighting and timing issues.
Manage heating, cooling, humidity and lighting with included programmable controller.

Includes multiple exhaust and airflow fans for each kit size.

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