Genotype Service: DNA Markers Single Strain

Genotype Service: DNA Markers Single Strain


Genobreeding is California's advanced marijuana breeding program that is accellerating cannabis species selection alongside the cannabis industry’s increasing reliance on premium genetics.


We offer access to several options:

  1. Plot DNA characteristics for patent of pre-existing strain, $2500
  2. Plot new cannabis genetype, test flower multiple runs, selective DNA manipulation, $40000
  3. DNA Tissue Culture 3D printing module, connects to cloud, access to DNA-plotted cannabis strains, $25000


Genobreeding uses conventional and advanced genomics technologies to patent pre-existing strain sequences and to develop new cannabis varieties. Genobreeding focususes on cannabis gene discovery and utilizes advanced Controlled Environmental Genomics (CEG) technologies to improve plant quality through state-of-the-art scientific methods. Additionally, Genobreeding has access to advanced tissue culture and cloning technologies that produce 100% disease-free, insect-free, and pesticide-free DNA replication clones for our customers. Genobreeding with Controlled Environmental Genomics (CEG) enables our geneticists and breeders to matricate and sequence new traits into cannabis as well as improve it's native properties.


Genobreeding is affiliated with Controlled Environment Genomics, Inc. (CEG), in Akron, Ohio. This affiliation operates as a genomics enterprise with expertise in digital plant gene sequencing, editing, and cloning technologies.

Cannabis Strain DNA Plot
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