FIRE OG (Buds. Packs. Boxes)

FIRE OG (Buds. Packs. Boxes)



-A dragons breath mint.


We all love dragons, and to emblazon their fiery influence within the inner workings of the extremely potent cannabis bud brings another level to your dungeons and dragons.  Our Fire OG knocks all other cards off the nerd board, whatever its called…  Warning! *This uber royal bloodline of cannabis fire OG may burn holes in your jeans.*  The spear-shaped holes in your jeans may be quite sharp, but not quite as sharp as the Blue Cheese cheddar skunk terp’s left behind from my previous session with the 3 chamber bub.


*available medically everywhere in California from 1/8ths to boxes


Grade: 8/10, 21+%THC, Top shelf, Authentic

Density: 7/10




Price variations: $50(3.5g) - $90(7g) - $280oz - $800qp - $2.4p

Box Availability: 1.1B { 10p @ $1.7p } { 50p @ $1.6p } { 1B = $135K }

Clones also available? Yes.

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