Do-Si-Dos (Buds. Packs. Boxes)

Do-Si-Dos (Buds. Packs. Boxes)


The real


hits 2018 hard!


As I investigate the Do-Si-Dos, our locally farmed indoor #1 most popular strain in 2018, her darkly subdued green undertones attempt to hide the inner en”frost”ulation of pristine trichomes.  The DoSiDos popcorns buds glisten deceptively with THC, and as I break and pack into my 3 chamber glass bubbler the trich’s pop and snap and release a damp musky aroma that tickles my nose hairs.  Upon first breathe of Dosidos goodness, a wonderful aura subdues the prior aftereffects of the Sour Diesel I just sampled indulgently. The differences compare and contrast like night and day, and the only thing left after the pounding torrent of Do-si-Dos cocoa mint earthly flavors, is the Sour Diesel’s unrelenting joyous positive energy.  Everything about the dosidos is initially mindnumbingly heavy, and the inertia of Dosidos blends in time into a perfectly good time.


*available medically everywhere in California from 1/8ths to boxes


Grade: Extremely potent, 24+%THC, WOW shelf, Authentic

Density: 9/10

Indica/Sativa: 70/30

Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy, Sleepy, Hungry

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG

Price variations: $60(3.5g) - $200(14g) - $375oz - $900qp - $2.8p

Box Availability: 28B { 10p @ $1.9p } { 50p @ $1.8p } { 1B = $150K }

Clones also available? Yes.


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