86%+d^9 THC Cannabis Distillate (R and D ONLY)

86%+d^9 THC Cannabis Distillate (R and D ONLY)


Cannabis Marijuana CO2/BHO/ETH Extracted Distillate

- For Research & Development purposes ONLY, UNTESTED THC/CBD/THCa/CBDn

- 1L = approximately 1,000grams

- Prop 65 WARNING: Products within untested cannabis oil have been known to cause cancer. ONLY Phase 3 cannabis products are considered "safe for human consumption" in California, by state law. Manufacturing laboratory remediation is highly recommended for untested distillate prior to use in any consumer based products. Use at your own risk, and handle with care.

- Distillate in its raw form is extremely potent and MUST BE HANDLED WITH CARE by professionals. Direct exposure to skin may result in overdose. Extreme caution should be used when handling THC or CBD distillate in its raw form. Heating to mix terpenes may excacerbate the risk of dangerous exposure, and additional care should be taken when handling pure heated distillate.

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