Technically speaking, anything not Phase 3 is legally considered "R&D material" and needs remediation to be compatible with California law, however obtaining Phase 3 is almost impossible for the average cannabis enthusiast, unless dealing directly with a licensed dispensary, distributor, or manufacturer.

To achieve a clean end product, each process must follow strict non-contamination guidelines.  For nurseries to produce Phase 3-compliant plants, they must either employ a sterile environment or an organic integrated pest management system, or both.


  • Extra Vigorous 10" Clones 

  • Special Order Mediums

  • Sterile Organic environment

  • Licensed Nursery

  • Teens, Flower Ready

  • Sterile Organic environment

  • Licensed Nursery

Does og.Life use integrated pest management?


Our licensed nurseries use a proven system of integrated pest management. K Lab maintains a 100% sterile environment and uses organic preventatives. T Lab employs an arsenal of carefully selected natural predators to consume any unwanted foreign invaders!

  • IPM includes predators 

  • Special order genetics

  • Clones & Teens

  • Licensed Nursery

  • Clones Only

  • Sterile indoor environment

  • Licensed Nursery

How do I order?

Because our licensed facilities are currently experiencing overwhelming demand, real time inventory is displayed on the lists above, which are usually updated on a daily basis.  To reserve an order, please begin by filling out the "Letter of Intent" form at the bottom of this page. Call (909) 296-1116 and speak to a og.Life representative for the exact SOP for the products you are intending to purchase.

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