og.Life offers business class transportation of our products and services to our California business clientele.  

og.Life's service cost ranges depending upon many factors such as end-to-end distance, varying levels of security, and redundancies for priority deliverability of wholesales quantities.  og.Life provides procedural transportation services for our affiliates and partnership growers, and offer secure encryption, geolocation runtime logistics, and California regional connectivity for California dispensary owners and California marijuana brand wholesalers.  

  • $999 for 4 hour consult

  • 100mi SoCal radius $999 

  • $100 additional 100 miles

  • 25% discount with purchase $2500 or more!

Consulting Services Offered

Cannabis consulting A-Labs @ og.life/a-labs ... Hydroponics, Greenhouses, Electronics, Vertical Facilities, Genobreeding, Tissue Culture
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Ineffective Tech Replaced - Hydroponics Consulting - Hydro Sales - Cannabis Engineering
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Specializing in:









general hydroponics

advanced nutrients

heavy 16


Construction Services:


electrical planning

HVAC planning

compliance packages


Vertical Grow Technology:

superior maximize your grow space with multitiers

stackable modular system

works with hydroponics, aeroponics, soil, and all other medium choices!

og.Life contracts with industry leading hydroponics companies in all areas of California, and our associates perform maintenance contracts for many dispensaries, large and small scale grow operations, and provide complete hydroponics and facility buildout connections for many horticultural businesses across California.

og.Life uses subcontractors and outside affiliations to perform deliveries, transportations, and other types of cannabis grower consulting services. 

  • Nutrient Explanations: chemical biochemistry, balanced feed/flush engineering

  • Mobile Pest Eradication/Preventative Treatment, Atomizer Rental

  • Environmental Analysis

  • Training: Yield 1.5LB/300w Light!!!

  • Secret Formula’s for Mothering, Cloning, Flowering!

  • Plant Analysis: Nutrient Deficiencies

  • THC Testing: $35 Lab work per test

  • Certified Electricians, 420 Friendly!

  • Manual Labor, Heavy Lifting, Framing

  • AC installation/Maintenance

  • Light Mover Installation

  • Cutting Edge Technology to reduce each 1kW power consumed to 300w with same yield

  • Greenhouse Build outs

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