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My name is Gina and I setup an boutique-scale cannabis production facility in Riverside, CA.  Here we focus mainly on Teenage and Flower ready plant sizes and our current production capacity is limited to around several hundred teens per week.

I have been a Cannabis Professional for a few years now.  I have experience in propagation,  flowering/flower, edibles and more.  I spend a good amount of time on my advocacy.  I have interviewed, podcasted and written about a wide variety of topics relative to the industry.  A few years ago, after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I became a serious MMJ patient, focusing much of my time and energy on good products and safe access.  


I currently have over 30 strains.  I love orders and encourage people to preorder so that they get the "best of the best" and have a better selection to choose from.  I do custom orders, so if a customer prefers coco/soil over rockwool I will be happy to accommodate them. Plants currently come in 4" cubes but can change that to whatever works for them. 

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Average Minimum Orders: $75

We maintain regular IPM sessions using a 100% organic atomized solution of neem-oil and Green Cleaner.  This biweekly maintenance works wonders for our small scale operation.

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Average Minimum Orders: $50

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