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og.Life utilizes collaborations of world-class growers, tip-top technological laboratories, and sophisticated quality control techniques and brings the best cannabis genetics and wholesale THC/CBD products to the American people. 

og.Life provides marijuana-interested subscribers access to our Amazon Jungle of cannabis products and marijuana plants. OG Life specializes in representing only the best facilities in the 420 marketplace. Cannabis plants, OG Genetics, marijuana seeds, grow tents, light deprivation greenhouses, cbd isolates, potent edibles, shipping marijuana products, plant containers, cannabis teen plants, flower ready mother plants, THC website design, cannabis marketing, dispensary delivery services.

og.Life categorizes our participating facilities using many factors, and og.Life passes these qualifications on to our customers for a discerning evaluation of reputation, reviews, and trustworthiness.

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og.Life highly recommends ordering from one facility at a time.
Mixing strains from multiple facilities on the same order has been known to cause strain mixups, packaging errors, and other unnecessary problems.


A-Labs maintains croppage in IE, LA, OC, and Riverside counties. Production is focused on reliable clones, teens, cartridges, hydro supplies, greenhouses, and much more!


Production Facility: 5K-10K Clones per week available for EACH STRAIN. Very high production capacity.


G-Lab G-Lab strives to provide teen and flower ready size plants, of popular strains, with Organically maintained relevancy. G-Labs also provides wholesale distribution for bud packs, trim packs, and CO2 cartridges.


M-Labs specializes in massive volume of reliable hydroponic clones, with production runs of up to 3,000 clones available of each strain at a given time.


B-Lab Super exotic strains from Rare Dankness Breeders. Serving Los Angeles area.


D-Labs Only the finest organic cannabis materials are sourced and maintained here. We use a uniquely CA approved organic approach to garden IPM to pass tests and not pests!


Cannabis Flower Products, 710 extracts, 420 marijuana buds, pre-rolls, wholesale pounds, shipping, delivery, 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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