My name is Edward and I oversee a multitude of mixed light and indoor facilities to accomplish mass scale production of numerous current and classic cannabis marijuana strains.  We have many cornerstone strains that have defined the marijuana marketplace and lined the local CA dispensary storefront shelves for years.  E-Labs demonstrate major distribution capacity in the regions including San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Malibu, and other Valley Areas.  We employ the top minds in an aggressively advancing space of cannabis clone cultivation for large scale operations.  All entities currently utilizing Conditional Use Permits (C.U.P.'s) or future State of California cultivation registrations should consider E-Labs for their beginning source of all future cannabis endeavors. 

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We maintain regular IPM sessions using a combination of several inorganic substances.  Our garden is ensured to not contaminate against pests, mold, or viruses and our plants are systemically protected for up to 30 days.

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  • Strain Capacity: 2,500 clones per week

  • Warehouse Capacity: 25,000 clones per week 

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