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Wholesale CBD is available in two distinct forms: Isolate and Distillate, and both are available through og.Life's wholesale laboratory connections in both California and Colorado.  With 6 isolate labs, og.Life's collective production potential is over 250,000 kilograms of CBD isolate per month. 

Wholesale Industrial Hemp, or biomass, is also available via our wholesale farm connections in Northern California, Oregon, and Kentucky.  All our farms are easily accessible and support a quarantine of material, and payment via safe funds.  og.Life supports domestic and ethically-sourced international CBD products, as per current federal regulations.  The og.Life biomass network is strong, and can currently provide upwards of 18,000,000 pounds of industrial hemp biomass.

Is og.Life CBD isolate Lab tested?


Our domestic (USA) and GMP (EU) CBD isolates are all FDA approved for human consumption, and are pharmaceutical grade.

Where is it located?

Our domestic (USA) products are located in California and Colorado, and GMP (EU) CBD isolates are located in Long Beach, CA and San Diego, CA and ship on demand from Germany.

How do I order?

Usually, due to the considerable costs involved with CBD isolate products, the standard operating procedure (SOP) includes attorney's and use of "safe funds" escrow and incorporates a quarantine and testing process. Extremely motivated clients can pay cash or electronic transfer. A deposit or attorney information may be required to provide proof of life, due to the sensitive nature of this business. Call (909) 296-1116 and speak to a og.Life representative for the exact SOP for the products you are intending to purchase.

CBD Domestic Isolate 99.7% <-.03THC>

CBD Domestic Isolate 99.7% <-.03THC>

CBD GMP (EU-sourced) Isolate 99.7% <-.03THC>

CBD GMP (EU-sourced) Isolate 99.7% <-.03THC>

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