og.Life provides cannabis seeds of F1 THC Plants 

F1 seed vigor is timeless.

Seeds have been the primary source of cannabis startups for generations and past that since evolution itself dictated that our good green earth should get a little greener.  Seeds are essentially an embryo encapsulated by a bio degradable shell of protection.  They are easy to transport and very discreet and for this reason can be sent anywhere in the world fluidly.

Cannabis Seeds


THC: #1-#67

CBD: #68-#96

  1. cherry pie bubblegum 

  2. cherry pie x hollands hope 

  3. cherry pie x hollands hope x big bud 

  4. cherry pie x boss hogg 

  5. cherry pie x romulan 

  6. cherry pie x big bud 

  7. cherry pie x afghooie 

  8. cherry pie x acapulco gold 

  9. cherry pie x jack herer 

  10. cherry pie haze – (cherry pie x original haze) 

  11. cherry pie x blue dream 

  12. cherry ak 47 – (cherry pie x ak 47) 

  13. san fransisco master kush – (master kush x cherry pie) 

  14. so cal master kush 

  15. master kush x big bud 

  16. hawiian big bud x master kush 

  17. gorilla glue 4 

  18. gorilla glue 4 x purple gorilla 

  19. gorilla glue 4 x sour diesel 

  20. gorilla glue 4 x pure power plant 

  21. gorilla glue 4 x black berry 

  22. gorilla glue 4 x white widow 

  23. gorilla glue 4 x green crack 

  24. gorilla glue 4 x master kush 

  25. gorilla glue 4 og 

  26. gorilla glue 4 x pre p8 bubba kush 

  27. purple gorilla glue 4 -(gg4 x gdp) 

  28. pre 98 bubba kush 

  29. mastadon kush (pre 98 bubba x master kush) 

  30. purple pre 98 bubba kush -(pre 98 bubba x gdp) 

  31. pure power plant 

  32. blue widow x white russian 

  33. white widow x sour diesel 

  34. bluw widow (white widow x blue berry) 

  35. white lavender (white widow x lavender) 

  36. white widow x bubblegum 

  37. white god -(white widow x god bud) 

  38. white russian – (white widow x ak47) 

  39. widow skunk – (white widow x skunk 1) 

  40. white widow / white rhino x white widow / romulan 

  41. lavender x black berry 

  42. thc cheese bomb – (cheese x thc bomb) 

  43. cheese og 

  44. hawiian afghan (cheese x lavender) 

  45. romulan cheese 

  46. critical cheese – (cheese x critical mass) 

  47. bc cheese 

  48. xxx 

  49. skunk 1 x haze 

  50. purple skunk 1 -(skunk 1 x gdp) 

  51. green ribon- (dream queen x white rhino) 

  52. jacklyn 

  53. original haze 

  54. cantalope haze -(haze x mexican landrace) 

  55. mexican landrace 

  56. mexican landrace x acapulco gold 

  57. mexican landrace x oaxaca 

  58. oaxaca landrace 

  59. red hair mexican landrace -(mexican skunk) 

  60. brazil amazonia 

  61. columbian gold x acapulco gold 

  62. columbian gold x brazil amazonia 

  63. boarderland og – og kush x mexican landrace) 

  64. chemical kush (chemdawg x master kush) 

  65. chem 4 og 

  66. mars og -(sfv og x chemdawg x blueberry x htaf) 

  67. mars candy og -(chemdawg x green crack)

  68. blue dream x respect 

  69. cannatonic x skunk1 

  70. critical tonic – (cannatonic x critical mass) 

  71. cannatonic x dj short blueberry 

  72. cannatonic x kryptonite 

  73. cannatonic x ak 47 

  74. cannatonic x blue dream 

  75. canna – tsu 

  76. canna – tsu x dj short blueberry 

  77. canna – tsu x critical mass 

  78. sour tsunami 

  79. purple tsunami -(gdp x sout tsunami) 

  80. cbd skunk haze x sour tsunami 

  81. sour tsunami x critical mass 

  82. blue dream x sour tsunami 

  83. ac/dc x sour diesel 

  84. ac/dc x gdp 

  85. a/c/dc x green crack 

  86. a/c d/c x skunk 1 

  87. ac/dc x og kush 

  88. ac/dc x jack herer 

  89. ac/dc x white widow 

  90. ac/dc x sour tsunami 

  91. harliquien haze 

  92. harle- tsu 

  93. respect 

  94. respect og 

  95. respect x dj short blueberry 

  96. cannatonic x respect 



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