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Cannabis Business Bank Accounts

Our affiliations with numerous financial institutions allows og.Life cannabis entrepreneurs to qualify for business bank accounts. Bank of 420 is a referral system for qualified cannabis clients to solve business banking problems, facilitate merchant account services, and build credit that can be applied for financing and working capital needs as your business grows!

Cannabis Genobreeding - Tissue Culturing - Genetically Modified Organisms - Patents

Cannabis genobreeding begins in a lab with the digital conversion of cannabis plant matter into DNA molecular sequencing. Geneticists store, splice, and test the plants' genetic consistency by flowering each new strain upon creation. Geneticists manipulate genetic markers within our cannabis DNA database and upload each cannabis strain variation to www.CannabisDNA.Cloud for exclusive members to download our patented and licensed products. Our DNA tissue-culture printer can connect to our cannabis DNA database, and print genetic code directly to sterilized tissue culture sample vials.  Within weeks, our mini tissue cultures sprout roots and become genetically identical cannabis plants.

Marijuana Merchant Accounts - Credit Card Processing

Merchant account processing is mandatory for most businesses in todays fast paced marketplace. Our cannabis merchant accounts allow businesses to charge customers credit and debit cards for legal THC and CBD related transactions.

Cannabis Greenhouses - Modular Rooms - Vertical Mixed Light Facilities

Grow Green with og.Life greenhouses, modular grow facilities, and scalable industrial production solutions

Our greenhouses include light deprivation kits for the industrial farmer to achieve the maximum yearly harvest potential!

Our modular grow rooms offer discreet warehouse style indoor farming within a smell-proof indoor brilliant white containment!

Our mixed light facilities are massive scale dutch-style greenhouse facilities combining photovoltaic glass, efficient jet turbine energy production, and vertical tri-level space optimization to achieve massive production quotas. Minimum production begins at 576 pounds per week, and only the sky is your limit!

Cannabis Venture Funding - Leasing - Working Capital

Cannabis financial advisors offer existing cannabis enterprises financing, leasing, and working capital for business expansion.

Our financial services help your canna business afford expansions including nutrients, electronics, greenhouses, and solar equipment.

  1. Up to $100,000 available within 24 hours

  2. Most 3-5 year old canna businesses qualify

  3. High risk credit scores qualify commonly

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes.

Get linked in with our cannabis business professional trainers, HVAC engineers, and hydroponics specialists to give your layout a helping hand, if you need it!

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